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Unlocked Cell Phones for
Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan

Best U.S. to Kuwait Phone Calling Cards

These are the two best prepaid international phone calling cards for families to place calls from the U.S. to soldiers in Kuwait that have an unlocked GSM cellphone. Note that you need a card that will place calls to a cell phone, not a land-line phone.

Note: These "phonecards" are actually sent to you in email and consist merely of a special PIN that you use to make the call.

Card Vendor
Calling Card Buy Cell Talk
Buy Mobile Cell
Mobile Cell
Cost per min. 7.7¢ / min 10.1¢ / min
Works to cell? yes yes
Weekly usage fee .99¢ .99¢
Surcharge 15% each call 15% each call
Billing increment 3 min 3 min
Expiration? none none
Rechargeable? yes yes
PIN less? yes yes
Minutes $10 = 130 minutes
$20 = 260 minutes
$10 = 99 minutes
$20 = 198 minutes
Buy Now --> Buy Cell Talk
Buy Now!
Buy Mobile Cell
Buy Now!

* When purchasing, select "U.S." as the call origin ("From") and "Kuwait - Cellular" as the call destination ("To") to get to the right calling card page.

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