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Using Cell Phones in Iraq & Afghanistan

Best GSM Cell Phones to Get for Iraq & Afghanistan?

To communicate from a cellphone in Iraq or Afghanistan, you must have an unlocked GSM cell phone. GSM phones operate on a different frequency than used in the U.S. and is widely used in Europe and the Middle East, including Iraq. Make sure the GSM phone is a tri-band or quad-band phone. The frequency needed is GSM 900.

"Unlocked" means that you are not tied to any given cell carrier. Unlocked cell phones need a SIM card which you purchase separately and install in the phone. The SIM card contains the cell phone's number, acccount information and stored personal information.

Most cell phone manufacturers sell an unlocked GSM version of popular phones. So it is really a matter of which phone you like best. However, there is currently a good promotion from Telestial. This company ships tons of phones and SIM cards overseas.

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