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Unlocked Cell Phones for
Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan

Best Kuwait SIM Cards for Cell Phones

You must have an unlocked GSM cell phone to place and receive calls while in Kuwait. Unlocked GSM phones require the purchase of a SIM card, which contains the cell phone number, account settings and personally-saved info.

The best SIM cards to use have free incoming minutes, which usually means getting a local SIM card rather than a global roaming SIM card. The soldier calls home in the U.S. letting family know he is available to talk. The family member can then call the soldier's cell number in Kuwait using a cheap prepaid calling card. This can really save money over time.

SIM Vendor Telestial Telestial
SIM card name Buy Explorer
Buy Kuwait eeZee
Kuwait eeZee*
SIM cost $59 $139
Initial airtime credit $10 $25
Works in Iraq & Afghanistan too? yes no
Phone number location Estonia Kuwait
Incoming calls from U.S. $1.35 / min free
Outgoing calls to U.S. $2.00 / min 75¢ / min
Incoming texting from U.S. free free
Outgoing texting to U.S. 59¢ / message ?
Local Calls 85¢ / min 8¢ / min
Service Life 12 months ** 1-12 months **
Reload method auto-charge ?
Reload denominations $25 ?
Voicemail? yes yes
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Buy Kuwait eeZee
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*   Frequently out of stock.
**  Unlimited service life if used within the specified time period.

Intallation Note: Your SIM card will arrive in what looks like a credit card. Simply punch out the SIM card, which is the size of the thumbnail, and install it inside the phone, usually underneath the battery. Make sure the SIM card metal contacts are oriented correctly with the contacts in the phone. Read your GSM phone manual for specific instructions.

SIM Card Background Information

There are two types of SIM cards that can be used in cellphones in Kuwait:

1. Global roaming SIM cards that can be used in multiple countries. You are typically issued a phone number in a country in Europe and when used in Kuwait, it is in roaming mode. The advantage of a roaming SIM card is that it can be used in Iraq and Kuwait too for example or in locations where the Kuwait cell network may not reach. Many times airtime can be "recharged" or "reloaded" online or by phone, which is convenient. The disadvantage is that the per-minute rates are higher and you are charged for incoming minutes. This can really add up over time.

2. Local Kuwait SIM card that is issued by eeZee, the cellular company in Kuwait. You are given a local Kuwaiti phone number. The main advantage of using an eeZee SIM card is that the per-minute rate is cheaper and incoming minutes are free. This can really save you big money over time.