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What Those Military Acronyms Mean

AAFES - Army and Air Force Exchange Service
ACAP - Army Career and Alumni Program
ACES - Army Continuing Education System
ACS/FPC - Army Community Service/Family Program Coordinator
AD - Active Duty
ADJ - Adjutant
ADSW - Active Duty for Special Work
AER - Army Emergency Relief
AFAP - Army Family Action Plan
AFN - Armed Forces Network
AFRTS - Armed Forces Radio and Television Services
AFTB - Army Family Team Building
AG - Adjutant General
AGR - Active Guard Reserve
AIT - Advanced Individual Training
AMC - Army Material Command
AMMO - Ammunition
ANCOC - Advanced Noncommissioned Officer Course
ANG - Air National Guard
AO - Area of Operations/Administrative Officer
APC - Armored Personnel Carrier
APF - Appropriated Funds
APFT - Army Physical Fitness Test
APO - Army Post Office
AR - Army Reserve/Army Regulation/Armor
ARCOM - Army Reserve Command
ARNG - Army National Guard
ARPERCEN Army Reserve Personnel Center
AT - Annual Training
AUSA - Association of the United States Army
AWOL - Absent Without Leave

BOQ - Bachelor Officers Quarters
BAS - Basic Allowance for Subsistence
BHA - Basic Housing Allowance
BC - Battery Commander
BCT - Basic Combat Training
BDE - Brigade
BDU - Battle Dress Uniform
BN - Battalion
BNCOC - Basic Noncommissioned Officer Course
BOG - Boots On Ground
BX - Base Exchange

CA - Civil Affairs
CAR - Chief of Army Reserve
CASCOM - Combined Arms Support Command
CDR - Commander
CDS - Child Development Services
CG - Commanding General
CGSC - Command and General Staff College
CHAMPUS - Civilian Health and Medical Program for the Uniformed Services
CID - Criminal Investigation Division
CINC - Commander in Chief
CNGB - Chief, National Guard Bureau
CO - Commanding Officer
COB - Close of Business
COLA - Cost of Living Allowance
CONUS - Continental United States
CP - Command Post
CPO - Civilian Personnel Office
CPX - Command Post Exercise CQ - Charge of Quarters
CS - Chief of Staff
CSA - Chief of Staff, Army
CY - Calendar year

DA - Department of the Army
DDRP - Drug Demand Reduction Program
DeCA - Defense Commissary Agency
DEERS - Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System
DEH - Director of Engineering and Housing
DPW - Director of Public Works
DENTAC - United States Army Dental Activity
DEROS - Date of Estimated Return from Overseas
DFAS - Defense Finance and Accounting Systems
DI - Drill Instructor
DO - Duty Officer
DOB - Date of Birth
DOD - Department of Defense
DOR - Date of Rank
DPCA - Director of Personnel and Community Activities
DCA - Director of Community Affairs
DISN - Defense Information Systems Network
DSN - Defense Switched Network

EANGUS - Enlisted Association of the National Guard of the United States
EDRE - Emergency Deployment Reaction Exercise
EE - Emergency Essential
EER - Enlisted/Officer Evaluation Report
EFMP - Exceptional Family Member Program
EM - Enlisted Member
EN - Enlisted
ESGR - Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve
ETS - Estimated Time of Separation
EWC - Enlisted Wives Club

FAC - Family Assistance Center
FCP - Family Care Plan
FDU - Full Dress Uniform
FEHBP - Federal Employees Health Benefits Plan
FLO - Family Liaison Office
FMEAP - Family Member Employment Assistance Program
FOB - Forward Operating Base
FORSCOM - Forces Command
FOUO - For Official Use Only
FPO - Fleet Post Office
FPC - Family Program Coordinator
FRO - Family Readiness Officer
FSA - Family Separation Allowance
FSG - Family Support Group
FTX - Field Training Exercise

GO - General Officer
GS - General schedule

HHC - Headquarters and Headquarters Company
HOR - Home of Record
HQ - Headquarters
HQDA- Headquarters Department of the Army
HS - Home station

IADT - Initial Active Duty Training
IDT - Inactive Duty Training
IE - Initial entry
IET - Initial Entry Training
IG - Inspector General
IMA - Individual Mobilization Augmentee
ING - Inactive National Guard
IO - Information Officer
IRF - Immediate Reaction Force
IRR - Individual Ready Reserve
ITT - Information, Tours and Travel
IVC - Installation Volunteer Coordinator

JAG - Judge Advocate General
JREN - Junior Grade Enlisted Personnel
JRNCO - Junior Grade Noncommissioned Officer
JUMPS - Joint Uniform Military Pay System

KIA - Killed In Action
KP - Kitchen patrol

LES - Leave and Earnings Statement
LN - Local National
LOD - Line of Duty
LZ - Landing zone

MACOM - Major Army Command
MEDDAC - Medical Department Activity
METL - Mission Essential Task List
MFO - Multinational Forces and Observer
MI - Military Intelligence
MIA - Missing In Action
MOS - Military Occupational Specialty
MP - Military Police
MRE - Meals Ready to Eat
MSO - Morale Support Officer
MUSARC - Major U.S. Army Reserve Command
MUTA - Multi-unit Training Assembly
MWR - Morale, Welfare and Recreation

NAF - Nonappropriated funds
NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NCO - Noncommissioned Officer
NCOA Noncommissioned Officers Association
NCOER - Noncommissioned Officer Evaluation Report
NCOIC - Noncommissioned Officer In Charge
NCOWC - Noncommissioned Officers' Wives Club
NEO - Noncombatant Evacuation Operation
NG - National Guard
NGB - National Guard Bureaus
NLT - Not Later Than

O CLUB - Officers Club
OAC - Officer Advanced Course
OBC - Officer Basic Course
OCONUS - Outside Continental United States
OCS - Officer Candidate Schools
OD - Officer of the Day
OER - Officer Evaluation Report
OIC - Officer-in-Charge
OJT - On the Job Training
OPSEC - Operations Security
ORE - Operational Readiness Exercise
OWC - Officers' Wives Club

PAC - Personnel Administration Center
PAM - Pamphlet
PAO - Public Affairs Officer
PCS - Permanent Change of Station
PERSCOM - Total Army Personnel Command
PLT - Primary Level Training
PM - Provost Marshal
PMOS - Primary Military Occupational Specialty
POA - Power of Attorney
POC - Point of Contact
POE - Point of Embarkation
POI - Program of Instruction
POV - Privately Owned Vehicle
PSYOPS - Psychological Operations PT - Physical Training
PX - Post Exchange
PZ - Primary Zone

QM - Quartermaster
QTRS - Quarters

RA - Regular Army
RC - Reserve Component
RD - Rear Detachment
RDC - Rear Detachment Commander
RDF - Rapid Deployment Force
REG - Regulation
REGT - Regiment
R&R - Rest and Recreation
RFO - Request for Orders
RIF - Reduction in Force
RO - Roundout
ROTC - Reserve Officer Training Corps

SBP - Survivor Benefit Plan
SD - Staff Duty
SDNCO - Staff Duty Noncommissioned Officer
SDO - Staff Duty Officer
SES - Senior Executive Service
SGLI - Servicemen's Group Life Insurance
SIDPERS - Standard Installation Division Personnel Reporting System
SJA - Staff Judge Advocate
SMI - Supplemental Medical Insurance
SOCOM - Special Operations Command
SOP - Standard Operating Procedure
SQD - Squad
SQT - Skills Qualification Test
SRB - Selective Reenlistment Bonus
STARC - State Area Command
SZ Secondary Zone

TAG - The Adjutant General
TASC - Training and Support Center
TDY - Temporary Duty
TIG - Time in Grade
TLA - Temporary Living Allowance
TMP - Transportation Motor Pool
TPU - Troop Program Unit
TRADOC - Training and Doctrine Command
TTAD - Temporary Tour Active Duty

USAR - United States Army Reserve
USARC - United States Army Reserve Command
USARF - United States Army Reserve Forces
USO - United Service Organization
UTA - Unit Training Assembly

VA - Department of Veterans Affairs
VAMC - Veterans Affairs Medical Center
VHA - Variable Housing Allowance
VISN - Veterans Integrated Service Network
VOLAR - Volunteer Army
VTC - Video TeleConferencing

WG - Wage Grade
WO - Warrant Officer

XO - Executive Officer

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