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Ruggedized Electronic Gear For Iraq

Ruggedized electronic gear is ideal for use in Iraq or any outdoor camping-type environment. Such equipment is usually labelled as being water-resistant, shock-resistant and dust-resistant.

Cases are typically made of metal instead of plastic and have rubber seals, plugs and bumpers around the case and openings. Sensitive internal parts may be shock-mounted. Here are some specific makes and models of ruggedized electronic gear for you to consider when purchasing for a deployed soldier:

Best Ruggedized Digital Cameras

The best ruggedized cameras for Iraq are The Olympus 7xx SW series:

Olympus 720 SW
Olympus 790 SW

Best Ruggedized watches

The best ruggedized wristwatches for Iraq are the G-Shock series from Casio:

Casio G-Shock Solar

Casio G-Shock

Rugged & Semi-Rugged Laptops

The best semi-rugged laptops for Iraq are the Itronix VR-2 Panasonic Toughbook:

Toughbook 19
Toughbook 52

Prices can be steep for some water, dust, and shock-resistant gear - especially when it comes to computer laptops. Expect to pay double and even triple the cost for a semi-rugged laptop. True rugged laptops, which have their own internal cooling system, can be five times greater.

Pelican Cases

One great alternative is to buy a water, shock and dust resistant Pelican case for your gear. You can buy a Pelican case that is large enough to hold all the electronic gear and cut out the foam to hold all the items securely.

Laptop Pelican Case
Large Pelican Case

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