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Supporter & Contributor Testimonials

Some testimonials from the supporters and contributors of this website:

"...This is great information for the general public, as we are often contacted with folks asking these same questions. I will be sure to direct others your way in hopes that all of our troops will know and feel our appreciation. I wish you and your family well. Please tell your wife THANK YOU for her service!"

"...I want to graciously thank you for the time that you took to compile the information on your website. It has been extremely helpful!"

"Thank you for this site, so nice of you to do this for your wife and her fellow soldiers...So glad I found your site and thank you for supporting our soldiers."

"I wanted some way to help our troops this Christmas and found your website...This year I want to donate money in their names to our troops, in lieu of gifts, and have chosen your organization to do so...I'm happy to have chosen your organization to contribute to."

"I made a donation to the Boots On Ground for Christmas as a gift to my mother who is in a nursing home with end-stage Parkinson's disease as I know how much she loves and supports our troops in Iraq and around the world...Thank you so much for all you are doing. All the troops and those who give their lives every day to sustain our safety and freedom and try to bring this to the rest of the world are in our prayers always!"

"I am so glad that you are doing the "Boots On Ground" for <your wife> and her unit. It is such a generous thing for you to do for them. I have just sent a donation to you and wish that I could send a lot more. I want you and Sandy to know that she, you and all the troops are always in my prayers daily."

"Thanks for your time and for all you do to support our Soldiers."

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